At Swanwick Methodist Church we support Padley through Harvest gifts and regular donations of food, toiletries etc.

A summary of the charity's aims and activities is given below, for further information go to: -

Charity's Aim

"To support, empower and enable the most disadvantaged and vulnerable in our local community to identify, choose and achieve personal positive outcomes in a safe and nurturing environment".

How Do We Achieve Our Aim

We work with the most socially excluded people in Derby including the homeless, people with mental health issues, learning difficulties, physical disabilities, drug & alcohol addiction and the long term unemployed. We provide emergency help and long term support so they can improve their lives.

The Homeless Centre

This is open 365 days of the year providing a 12 bed Hostel for people with nowhere to sleep. The Day Centre provides food, clothing, showers and a range of services to help the homeless and anyone in need. Our support workers assess their needs and help them to build a plan for a better life.

Shop, Offices & Catering

Our shop is a vital source of much needed income. Also the shop, offices and catering service provide work experience for the long term unemployed, people with disabilities, students and Interns.