Action for Children

The Methodist Church and Action for Children have strong links.

The charity's founder, Thomas Bowman Stephenson, was a Methodist minister from the North East of England with a passionate commitment to social justice. On moving to London, Stephenson challenged the Methodist Church to take action to help homeless children living on the streets.

The famous words of John Wesley to 'go not only to those who need you but to those who need you most' describe Action for Children's vision and values to this day. Likewise, Stephenson's commitment to his work ‘in the service of the children' continues to be the Charity's inspiration.

Action for Children Sunday is celebrated across the Methodist Church in July on the Sunday closest to, 9 July (normally the second Sunday).

At Swanwick Methodist we support the charity financially, many members collect funds with home collecting boxes and on Action for Children Sunday donations are welcomed. Occasionally there are other fund raising activities. In 2018 Swanwick Methodist was able to support the charity by raising over £400.

For further information on the Charity's work today, please see www.actionforchildren.org.uk


Gift Service, 2019

 A big thankyou to all who donated gifts for Action for Children at the gift service on Sunday 15th December. Your gifts will be greatly appreciated. 

 Gifts 2019