Well Dressing

Well dressing is a traditional art form in Derbyshire, using only natural materials.

For the millenium celebrations the Methodist Church celebrated with a well dressing celebrating the Water of Life 

Well Dressing - Water of Life

To celebrate the Queens Golden Jubilee in 2002the village erected a traditional well structure. As the church had some experience in well dressing the parish council invited Churches Together in Swanwick to dress the well. CTS continues to provide the annual well dressing for the well.

For 2018 the theme for our well dressing celebrated the women's suffrage movement.

 Stage 1 Oulining                  Stage 2 Detailing                 Stage 3 Background 

Well dressing 2018Well dressing 2018Well dressing 2018


Stage 4 The full assembled dressing 

 Well dressing 2018 - final display

For 2019 the theme for our well dressing celebrated the Beauty of the Earth

Well dressing 2019